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Couples & Sex Therapy Training Program
Part I: Inter-Analytic Couples Therapy (IACT): 
IACT incorporates Interpersonal Neurobiology into the treatment of couples at four levels of couple interaction: Conflict/Communication, Closeness, Transference, and Attachment/Intersubjectivity. The first segment of each class is a lecture with a Power Point slideshow, and the second segment focuses on clinical application, which includes demonstrations, and role plays. 
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Dates: January, 2023

Couples & Sex Therapy Training Program
Part II: Human Sexuality, Sex Education, & Sex Therapy: 

This course is for mental health professionals and provides a comprehensive understanding of sexual issues and their treatment. Each lecture covers an important area for the clinician’s understanding of human sexuality and sex therapy. Click here for more info...

Dates: Fall, 2023 

American Association of Couples and Sex Therapists (AACAST) is an independent professional organization dedicated to the education, training, promotion and expansion of the integrated skills and knowledge from couples and sex therapy. Our members share our commitment to providing the highest standard of care in this innovative field.

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Dr. Walter Brackelmanns has written a new book!

Inter-Analytic Couples Therapy: Book One - Search for the Other is now available here!

Student Testimonial: 

"I cannot imagine working with couples without the skills and information I gained through AACAST. It would be like trying to build a house without a hammer. I never feel like I don't know what to do in the sessions, and I see the difference my training makes with the couples who come in. Besides the training, the instructors are knowledgeable, caring, and smart. My highest recommendation if you work with, or want to work with, couples." Tony Davis, MFT

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